About Us

In the United States Hunters for the Hungry is formed in each state usually as a 501 (c) (3) company to enrich the states ability to feed the hungry with donated harvested game. Hunger relief organizations such as ours combat hunger in Florida by paying for the processing and delivery of donated wild game meats to qualified organizations for distribution to the hungry. Grants, sponsors and local donations in each state support the efforts of the Hunters for the Hungry in that state. As a Virginia Hunters For The Hungry processor, distributor and donor our family quickly realized Florida had an incredible need for this national program.  We are a 501 (c) (3) Florida Christian run charity that operates statewide as Florida Hunters and Community Who Care Inc. DBA – Florida Hunters For The Hungry Inc. Through the generosity of Florida hunters, Florida communities, Florida Churches, financial contributors and grants we started in 2019 providing much needed protein servings and foods to Florida communities, schools, food banks and churches. Working with other food organizations we began to collect processed game and foods for distribution to the qualified schools, food banks and churches and individuals in there local area. Since 2019 Florida hunters and individuals have provided almost 31,000 lbs of protein meat food over 100,000 protein meat servings for the hungry. Our goal for this year, 2024, is to provide 8000 pounds of donated meats or 32,000 1/4 pound servings of nutritious, protein-rich meats to hungry people in Florida.

Please explore our website to see how you can get involved. 813-670-3444